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Facility is defined as a TANGIBLE ASSET that supports an Organization.

Facility Management

Facility Management is an emerging profession that envelopes manifold disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.

Essentially, Facilities managers are responsible for the maintenance of the buildings and assets that support businesses and organizations in any and every industry. Facility management is one of the fastest growing global Professions expanding rapidly, even can be one of the most significant cost-saving activities that are considerable in your business.

It is worth mentioning that the second biggest budgetary spending (after staffing) is on buildings and assets, regardless of its size and scope. It is vital that every business implements tailored solutions to help it to control the business environment and monitor where expenditure emphasis lies. It is calculated by experts that appropriate maintenance of building and assets-through efficient and proactive facility management can help save companies millions each year.

For many facility managers it will surface an opportunity to adopt a more proactive stance, broaden the role of FM and enhance its value to the enterprise. The reason there is no escape is that most of these drivers will draw expectations of senior management outside the FM discipline and, as such, are beyond the influence of the FM profession itself. The important thing is to be aware that they are coming – and to understand their significance and the opportunities they present.

FM can cover a wide range of activities and it seems difficult to define the entire discipline in a core, but if we classify what we manage as 'assets' and 'resources' to deliver support services, the challenge of understanding and applying new technologies in our discipline becomes easier. Technologies that were 'proposed' just a few years ago are now internationally embraced, with a sheer commitment and understandings we feel to have these communicated to our clients.

The term “Facility Management” is similar to “Property Management” but often applied only to larger and / or commercial properties where the management and operations is more complex. Integrating such soft and hard services using a single point of contact actually allows a building owner to indulge and enjoy the full benefits of Integrated Facilities Management (IFM).

Since Integration and Energy Management is vital in today’s facility management, many building owners tend to favor third party providers to either manage or take up the entire responsibility. Large third party facility management players have various capabilities to optimize building performance and lower operating cost. Operating a building at lowest costs while maintaining or increasing the value of the building is the ultimate goal when integrated facility management is applied.

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